Dr MICACCIA online MAC address lookup

This tiny tool allows to Find MAC address vendors. Although very responsive, it does not use a database. Automatically updated, daily, the information comes from STANDARDS-OUI.IEEE.ORG and is managed here with an original and efficient method for greater reactivity during requests and consuming minimal resources. For security purpose, this online tool applies the recommendations of ANSSI, the National Cybersecurity Agency of France, and it is GDPR compliant. Not requiring cookies, it does not display a pop-up notification about them, in accordance with the European law on cookies, as well as the CNIL guidelines. Developed for our internal needs, on a tiny server designed by ourselves, we make this tool freely available to the community. Feel free to use it... and enjoy the responsiveness, resulting from a few small kilobytes!

Examples: 98:69:8A   3C:A1:0D:00:00:00   5C-4A-1F   348137  

Result for request "5065F3":

Hewlett Packard
11445 Compaq Center Drive
Houston 77070

  • MAC: Media Access Control
  • OUI: Organizationally Unique Identifier
  • IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation
  • ANSSI: Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information
  • CNIL: Commision Nationale Informatique et Libertés
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Powered by Joseph MICACCIA
Chief Information Security Officer
Dottoressa MICACCIA
by Dottoressa MICACCIA, Docteur ès Sciences

- MAC[5065F3] = Hewlett Packard - 11445 Compaq Center Drive - Houston 77070 - US -
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My wife often says I should share my funniest (or remarkable) anecdotes. OK, here's one...

Act efficiently and calmly, even in an emergency:

In the army, I took part in a few dangerous operations. And the military know that sometimes the danger comes from within.

One day, I was in charge of the security post. It was a 24 hour shift, during which the security chief (me) and his men are locked in the security post, from where they only come out for emergencies, rounds or food supplies.

During the night, I went for a round. I was almost back at the security post when I saw a shadow come out of the garages, which is a sensitive military area.

Because of the lamppost behind him, the individual was not identifiable. I couldn't see his face, only the figure. But, the man could see me very well, as I was lit by the lamppost.

I made the summons. Instead of stopping, the man continued to advance, quickly and towards me. I did the summons a second time.

From there, I could already act. But, I was nice: I gave the summons a third time, while I calmly took my pistol out of its holster. At that point, the individual froze and answered the correct password.

When he was close enough I recognized an officer on duty. He was pale, certainly because of fear. Probably, he had just started his round and wanted to test me. He did not finished his turn. He came home and I never saw him again.

It was my duty to respect the instructions and to enforce them. By the way, that's how I got several medals. That night, I would have had one more ;-)

But, luckily, it ended well.

Dottoressa MICACCIA