Dr MICACCIA online MAC address lookup

This tiny tool allows to Find MAC address vendors.Although very responsive, it does not use a database. Automatically updated, daily, the information comes from STANDARDS-OUI.IEEE.ORGand is managed here with an original and efficient method for greater reactivity during requests and consuming minimal resources. For security purpose, this online tool applies the recommendations of ANSSI, the National Cybersecurity Agency of France, and it is GDPR compliant.Not requiring cookies, it does not display a pop-up notification about them, in accordance with the European law on cookies, as well as the CNIL guidelines.Developed for our internal needs, on a tiny server designed by ourselves, we make this tool freely available to the community. Feel free to use it... and enjoy the responsiveness, resulting from a few small kilobytes!

Examples: 84:A8:E4   F4:36:E1:00:00:00   F8-23-B2   F8FCE1  

Result for request "7C942A":

No.2 Xin Cheng Road, Room R6,Songshan Lake Technology Park
Dongguan 523808

  • MAC: Media Access Control
  • OUI: Organizationally Unique Identifier
  • IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation
  • ANSSI: Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information
  • CNIL: Commision Nationale Informatique et Libertés
OZiBuna 2024.02.21
SENTINEL CyberProtection
This tool is part of SENTINEL,
a CyberProtection tool kit, easy to use for everyone.

Powered by Joseph MICACCIA
Chief Information Security Officer
Dottoressa MICACCIA
by Dottoressa MICACCIA, Docteur ès Sciences

- MAC[7C942A] = HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD - No.2 Xin Cheng Road, Room R6,Songshan Lake Technology Park - Dongguan 523808 - CN -
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My wife often says I should share my funniest (or remarkable) anecdotes. OK, here's one...

Listen to your intuition:

I was the director of a security operations center. I often have had good intuitions.

One evening, I told my teams to be particularly attentive. All the officers told me it was calm, very calm. Convinced I was wrong, for once, I went for a drive in the sleeping city. I remember the time: 1:17. Stopped at a red light, with a visual on the train station, I was handling the car radio when I noticed a young couple who were probably coming out of a bar that had just closed. Suddenly, the woman seemed to struggle and disappeared into the underground of the station, gripped by the man. I told my operations center that I was going to intervene and that I needed reinforcements.

As I hung up the phone, I saw a police patrol quietly pass down the street perpendicular to the street where I was. I intercepted it and as I was about to quickly explain the situation, I heard the radio of the policemen alerting them of an attack in progress reported by my operations center. Suddenly, an armada of police vehicles rushed at each end of the underground, to save the young woman, who was crying nervously, aware of having escaped an assault, taken by two men into an underground passage that no one could see, if not to be in the exact position I was in, and at the exact time.

Dottoressa MICACCIA