Dr MICACCIA online MAC address lookup

This tiny tool allows to Find MAC address vendors. Although very responsive, it does not use a database. Automatically updated, daily, the information comes from STANDARDS-OUI.IEEE.ORG and is managed here with an original and efficient method for greater reactivity during requests and consuming minimal resources. For security purpose, this online tool applies the recommendations of ANSSI, the National Cybersecurity Agency of France, and it is GDPR compliant. Not requiring cookies, it does not display a pop-up notification about them, in accordance with the European law on cookies, as well as the CNIL guidelines. Developed for our internal needs, on a tiny server designed by ourselves, we make this tool freely available to the community. Feel free to use it... and enjoy the responsiveness, resulting from a few small kilobytes!

Examples: 74:70:69   E0:B2:60:00:00:00   F8-95-50   7836CC  

Result for request "00:0C:29:01:23:45":

VMware, Inc.
3401 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto CA 94304

  • MAC: Media Access Control
  • OUI: Organizationally Unique Identifier
  • IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation
  • ANSSI: Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information
  • CNIL: Commision Nationale Informatique et Libertés
OZiBuna 2023.02.02
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Powered by Joseph MICACCIA
Chief Information Security Officer
Dottoressa MICACCIA
by Dottoressa MICACCIA, Docteur ès Sciences

- MAC[000C29] = VMware, Inc. - 3401 Hillview Avenue - Palo Alto CA 94304 - US -
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My wife often says I should share my funniest (or remarkable) anecdotes. OK, here's one...

Great opportunity:

I was in the pretty town of LYON, in France, with a colleague, to intervene in one of our agencies.

During this summer period, there was a football tournament, broadcast live and visible on the terraces of the cafes. After work, we stopped in one of them. There was a free table on the terrace, but no chair. My colleague entered the bar to look for two stools.

He returned with two beautiful young women who sat down at our table. Barely introduced, one of them said to me: "Have you ever cheated on your wife?" First, I was a little surprised by her question, then we joked. The women were very nice.

Later, on leaving the bar, the two (very) beautiful (and so friendly) women invited us (insistently) to join them in a nightclub. When I told my wife this anecdote, she laughed ... a little.

Dottoressa MICACCIA